Two Sisters+Classic Hollywood=One Hell Of A Good Time

That Awkward Moment When…(Part II)

Hello my darlings! Here’s a sequel to the original “That Awkward Moment When” ( in which we saw that the flawless gods and goddesses of classic film were actually normal people like you and me. So next time you do something embarrassing, don’t fret! Think of this:

That Awkward Moment When Spencer Tracy Forgot His Pants

tumblr_lrcia4BLuD1qj71muo1_400This scene is from one of my favorite Tracy films, Father of the Bride. Thankfully, father Spencer Tracy did not appear at daughter Liz Taylor’s wedding looking like this. Or maybe he could’ve. He has nice, slim, hairless legs.

That Awkward Moment When Bette Davis Flubs The Line

I think it’s really cute when classic movie stars, especially legends like Bette Davis, mess up the line. The reactions that old movie stars had were vastly different from the reaction stars have today. Like, they would get really upset and embarrassed that they messed up. Back then, time and film were precious, since we are talking about the Studio Era during the Depression. Some actors had really hilarious reactions, though. Like Carole Lombard’s streams of profanity whenever she messed up. You can see plenty of these classic film bloopers on YouTube!

That Awkward Moment When Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx Are Long-Lost Twins

tumblr_m2ymmrzkG21rn9htao1_400I think I might’ve blogged this before, but the crazy resemblance here never fails to astound me. This is from one of my all-time favorite I Love Lucy episodes, the one in which she dresses up as tons of classic movie actors to impress her New York friend and ends up meeting Harpo Marx. This photo has convinced me that Lucy and Harpo are long-lost twins. They have the same hair, smiles, maniacal expressions…there’s no way that these two weren’t womb-mates!

That Awkward Moment When Marlon Brando Duckfaced

tumblr_m3f7eu9V2t1r0a4hso1_400This photo of Richard Burton and Marlon Brando never fails to make me laugh hysterically. I feel that I’m looking at a picture of two bozos on Facebook instead of two acting greats. It has all the qualities of a Facebook photo: the background is obviously someone’s home, they have that “hey buddy!” pose, and the photo was taken with a low-quality camera. But what makes this the absolute perfect Facebook shot is Marlon Brando’s duckface. The man was definitely ahead of his time here. But instead of making the pose something ridiculous that is only done by ugly fake pussies, Brando makes it look classy. Only because it’s Brando.

That Awkward Moment When Buster Keaton Looks Like A Baywatch Babe

Buster Keaton is one beautiful hunk of man. Nothing makes it more obvious than this photo. Look at him seductively gliding through the water like he’s some god of the sea. Look at that sexy swimsuit, complete with an undershirt. Look at those nice pecs. And look at the wonderfully glum expression. He’s giving Pam Anderson a run for her money here.

That Awkward Moment When Joan Crawford Is Given An Ugly Portrait of Herself

Imagine you are Joan Crawford. You are asked to sit for a painting. All the while, you are positive that this painting will be a beautiful gorgeous replica of your beautiful gorgeous face. Then you get…THIS. What the HELL is that painting even?! That’s not pretty Joanie! It looks like the frickin spawn of the devil. And look at Joan’s face. I wouldn’t be pleased if I were painted as Satan’s mistress either. Thankfully her self-esteem didn’t go downhill after this one.

That Awkward Moment When Winston Churchill Leaves Very Little to the Imagination

Politics - Winston Churchill - Deauville, France
Okay, I know Winston Churchill isn’t a classic movie star but I came across this photo and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post this. This takes the cake in embarrassing swimsuit moments (and we’ve all had them) because here he’s actually wearing a swimsuit yet it’s so tight that he might as well be naked. Way to flash the entire beach, Winston Churchill.

That Awkward Moment When Laurence Olivier Ruins the Picture

This has to be my favorite photo of Viv and Larry. There’s Vivien Leigh, so gorgeous and glamorous, as always. And then there is Laurence Olivier, in perhaps the most hilarious photobomb in the history of photography. I’m actually surprised that the usually serious Olivier’s face didn’t shatter into a thousand pieces from all that laughing. Touche, Larry.

That Awkward Moment When Errol Flynn Looks Like He Isn’t Wearing Pants

tumblr_m4pw5fWKdk1r0a4hso1_400This is a very frustrating awkward moment. I WISH he wasn’t wearing any pants. But if you look very closely, he is in fact wearing those little tiny swim trunks all the men in the 1930s wore. Drat.

That Awkward Moment When Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery Are Losing It Over Baby Cows

It’s pretty funny to see non-farm folks doing farm things. Observe how these two baby calves are obviously getting the better of Carole and Rob. Carole seems horrified, but she’s doing a lot better than Robert Montgomery, who is actually about to fall over right into the calves little pen. Which is fine, I don’t like him that much anyway (crucify me now).

That Awkward Moment When Humphrey Bogart Is Dressed Like a Grandma in Public

Humphrey, why are you making what seems to be a public speech when dressed like a sweet little Victorian-era grandmother? What has gotten into you, my man? You are supposed to be a rough-n’-tough hardboiled detective! But he’s Humphrey Bogart and he’s always cool so he probably got away with this.

That Awkward Moment When Katharine Hepburn Shreds Better Than A Twelve Year-Old Boy

tumblr_m8volpVT4c1qj71muo1_400Katharine Hepburn is awesome for many reasons. But I betcha didn’t know that she can skateboard! Judging by this photo, she’s got some mad skills. She skateboards so much better than those shrimpy twelve year-old boys with baggy clothes and oily hair who think that they are skating gods but actually end up scraping their knees on the pavement. Kate the Great should’ve been featured in an episode of Rocket Power, if you ask me.

That Awkward Moment When Katharine Hepburn Makes A Giant Food Mess

Here’s another awkward moment featuring Kate the Great, but here she’s dishing the gossip…and the food crumbs. Look at that abhorrent mess around her plates! Oh my Jesus. I don’t know if any of the food that was on these plates actually made it into Kate’s digestive system. It looks like it all ended up as mess for janitors to clean. Hollywood actresses were supposed to eat like ladies, not like cavemen!

That Awkward Moment When Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre are Sitting Naked in a Sauna and Playing Cards

I think the title says it all here. No further explanation is needed. But those tan lines are hilarious.

That Awkward Moment When Katharine Hepburn Takes a Dive

Kate is on a roll today! This is the third awkward moment featuring her. I believe this extremely embarrassing moment was from a film, but I can’t remember which. It must be from a film, since if someone just happened to push her into the water like that, I would assume they’d never see the light of day ever again.

That Awkward Moment When Gary Cooper Is Too Tall for His Horse

Dude’s feet are pretty much dragging on the ground. His 6’3″ is much too much for that fat little pony. But Coop looks like he’s making the best of the situation, even though the Coop-to-pony ratio is greatly imbalanced.

That Awkward Moment When Fred Astaire Defies Gravity

I know he’s an amazing dancer but COME AWN. He FLIES now?! Can he stop being so perfect and otherworldly and just be a human being like everyone else?

That Awkward Moment When Your Music is Making Cary Grant’s Ears Bleed

Here, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason were attempting to serenade Cary Grant with a song on the harp while on the set of North by Northwest. However, Cary Grant found the song so vile and so shitty that he had to cover his ears before he lost his sense of hearing entirely. Sorry guys, your music isn’t classy enough for Cary.

That Awkward Moment When James Cagney Falls Into a Cactus Bush and Bette Davis Just Laughs

Wow, Bette Davis. Poor James Cagney is visibly dying from pain and you just stand there and laugh? What a hard, cold woman.

That Awkward Moment When Vivien Leigh is Dressed to the Nines and Lauren Bacall is Dressed in a Bathrobe

The difference between Viv and Betty in this picture is astounding. Viv is dressed to perfection in black, furs, and pearls. Timeless! However, Lauren Bacall is hanging around in a fuzzy, too-small bathrobe that looks like one I owned when I was four years old. Now that’s what I call awkward!

That Awkward Moment When Ray Milland is Very, Very Drunk

The guy is holding a shot and licking his hand. There is no explanation other than he was drunk, someone took a picture of it, and now it is on the Internet. Awks…

Hope you enjoyed this latest installment! x

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12 responses

  1. Great blog. I love old Hollywood. So much class.

    December 30, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    • Such a lovely time…I’d do anything to go back!

      December 30, 2012 at 2:58 pm

  2. Cecilia

    Love your blog…Ray Milland could have been drinking tequila and salt….that is what I thought he was doing when I saw the photo. I’m not a big tequila drinker but I know people do drink it this way. :-) Love all the unusual photos you find.

    December 30, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    • Ohhhh thank you for that! I’m not really much of a drinker whatsoever, so my knowledge on such things is embarrassingly tiny! Thanks again :)
      Hahaha I do have a penchant for finding unusual photos, I agree!

      December 30, 2012 at 3:00 pm

  3. Tracy first nearly forgot his pants in “Libeled Lady,” some 14 years before “Father Of The Bride.”

    December 31, 2012 at 2:10 am

  4. Oh lordy, I don’t know where or how you found half those shots, but this all hilarious! Thanks for such a great post!

    December 31, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    • Hahaha lots of them I found on Tumblr!

      January 6, 2013 at 7:31 pm

  5. The photo with Hepburn falling into the canal is in SUMMERTIME (David Lean, 1955). It was a hilarious part of the movie, but Hepburn did get an eye infection from the polluted water. I love how much Hepburn awkwardness is in this post! Let’s face it – she was a pretty awkwardly awesome dame!

    January 2, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    • I thought it was from “Summertime”! Katharine Hepburn is a very admirable dame to me!

      January 6, 2013 at 7:32 pm

  6. Reblogged this on The Golden Age of Hollywood and commented:
    A few Katharine Hepburn funnies in this post!

    January 2, 2013 at 3:59 pm

  7. Very funny photos! I’d be mad if I received a portrait as bad as Joan’s: that was a horrible painting. And Larry’s face, and Bogie! Oh, what’s the name of the episode in which Lucy meets Harpo?

    January 10, 2013 at 6:03 pm

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